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Speaking out.

Since I’ve started the National Movement I’ve been able to open up about my mental health to my worker Rosie. Rosie has also been brilliant in helping me to get my issues sorted. For example I’ve had issues in my flat and they’re getting sorted quicker.

I wish I hadn't

When I was 10 I sat through my 6 month review whilst people talked about me and made decisions about my life....one of the worst experiences of my life. I now know I didn't have to sit in that meeting...

The Digital Poverty Campaign is so important

Without the internet I can't get access to YouTube and If I don't have YouTube I can't distract myself which means my mental health spirals and I get down and depressed and don't want to be here. I don't want to feel like that so I need the internet....

Confidence has grown

Since having my own house my confidence has grown so much. Its because i'm making my own decisions and learning from them.

A brighter future

Being in care has improved my mental health so much. Its opened so many doors for me and life looks brighter. Being part of the Care Leavers National Movement has allowed me to make new friends and talk about my experiences.

Dont push people away

Dont push people away who only have your best interests at heart. The National House Project have my best interests at heart and they could have yours.

House Project has given me so many opportunities

I've had so many more opportunities being in care and particulary being in The House Project than if I had remained with my biological family.

My voice

House project staff are more like friends to me, although still very professional. I call this professional friendship. This is so important as it establishes a real bond without effecting their professionalism.

Support throughout the pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, my local house project (Doncaster) gained new facilitators, however due to the pandemic, they were unable to provide group activities which were formerly in the form of weekly meetings. The facilitators have still continued to provide visits to all young people involved as well as looking at alternatives for our weekly meetings. The decided alternative is a group call over Facebook Messenger; this has allowed all young people involved within the house project to have a social outlet. I feel that this is great as without the group meetings, social interaction was greatly limited and social isolation could have formed causing a negative effect on the mental well-being of all involved. The facilitators have been working around the timetable of all young people involved. This is what I feel all involved professionals should do as it shows that they put the young people first and listen to their wishes and feeing. I feel that the support through the pandemic has been great and the facilitators have tried their hardest to allow us to have some social interaction. I honestly cannot thank our local house project and CLNM enough for the support provided.

Seeing things clearer!

I wish someone had told me that not all children go to the opticians every 6 months for a check up, just those in care…..It wasn’t until I was 23, when the receptionist at the opticians told me it wasn’t necessary to keep getting my eyes checked!!!!!

Believe in your idea's

During my custody sentence june 2016 - september 2017 I spent most of my time on the Platinum + tier, this is the highest behaviour tier. I got given a brand new ps3 super slim for being on the highest tier for 6 month's straight from the prison. I kept complaining about how it was outdated it was compared to the one i had at home. I gave the prison a great idea and they rejected it multiple times. After month's of talking about my idea, they finally accepted it. They started to allow any video game console into the prison through visits. So when your family member comes to visit you, they are allowed to bring 1 ps4 or xbox from home on visiting day. The console then gets pat tested & they put a invisible number on it. The number can only been seen using special u.v lighting. After this, you get given your console and you can use it whenever you want when you finish class at like 3.30 pm. It sounds crazy to allow teenagers who have committed all kind of crimes, to be allowed there games console from home into a prison. Even people who had been given 14 year sentences for murder, were getting there family to bring them their playstation 4 from home. I had the ps3 super slim and i got my dad to bring me my ps4 pro from home. so i had two playstation's in my cell & i would rent out 1 of them. I don't know if they still allow this to happen. The reason i'm telling you this story is because i know that if i don't give up on a great idea, it can eventually work!

National lockdown

These last 9 months being a care leaver in house project with covid-19 has been very difficult, it has made myself feel very self isolated and very depressed. I felt alone and terrified my feelings were all over the place. My physical well being was negative due to always sleeping as I just wanted to sleep my days away, this made massive impacted with my emotional well being as I was always crying, felt alone even though I had support from the national house project and Stokes house project, luckily the national made sure I was eating and sleeping, one of the workers Rosie spent time out of her own time to make sure I was okay, this made me release I wasn't alone and I had support no matter what.

I would recommend House Project to everyone

The House Project has been an amazing experience for me as I have come so far in the last 7 months of working with the House Project. All 3 of my house project workers are great to go to if I ever need help with my house or have any worries. Whilst being in the House Project I have noticed how focussed I can actually be and wanting to be- this makes me happy. The modules that we do really help your house keeping and communication skills. Some are about phoning doctors or banks and some are about how to fix things in your home, i.e taps, fridge, washing machine, gas electricity. I would recommend the House Project to anyone who would be willing to do what I’ve done and do the things needed on the House Project to get your own home. They should give House Project a go because they will have a great time and it will be an experience for them

I wish I had

I wish I had taken every opportunity that I could

I wish I didn't

I wish I didn't overlook things instead of researching and finding out what they were

I wish I hadn't

I wish I had taken my move more seriously and thought about it more

I wish I had known

Things do get better, you can do anything if you put your mind to it

I wish someone had told me

Be happy and don't be scared to try new things

I wish someone had told me

Always have a go even if your scared, you never know if you will get another chance

I wish someone had said

There's no need to stress about every turn and bend in the road

I wish i had known

Don't let people treat you less than you are, otherwise, you will become less than you are