About CLNM

Care Leavers National Movement (CLNM) is made up of representatives from each of the Local House Projects across the country. We provide expert advice around the lived experience of care leavers to enhance and develop the care leaver experience within the House Project and in the wider community. We are The heart of The National House Project Charity (NHP).

The narrative about care leavers is all too often negative. CLNM want to focus on positive achievements, raise expectations and inspire young people and support services to be the best.

Our Vision

CLNM’s vision is to have a platform that authentically engages young people in developing care leaving services. By empowering and supporting care leavers within House Projects to positively challenge and influence leaving care services on a local and national level, we can improve outcomes for young people leaving care across the country.

OUR Mission

CLNM’s mission is to engage young people throughout The National House Project to capture and share stories of success, highlight system challenges and test new ideas that can benefit children leaving care.

CLNM understands that each local authority is different in its approach and believes that by bringing young people together we can share experiences and develop the good practice that already exists as well as challenge those things that don’t work well.

In order to do this, we want to

  • highlight success stories from local areas to inspire, inform and influence individuals within local authorities.
  • raise challenges within the system and suggest solutions to improve things.
  • test new ideas that have been designed by young people.
  • provide peer evaluations for each Local House Project.

The CLNM is chaired by a young person and supported by Participation Workers from the NHP. We meet regularly, plan our agenda carefully and work on specific topics that will have a beneficial impact for all care leavers. The CLNM is represented at each NHP Board meeting and we provide a report and agenda items for discussion. We also organise and run an event for all Local House Project young people on an annual basis. Here's a link to the most recent Press Release about our conference.

Our Conference press release  

Read about what community means to our young people

Over the year we've become friends if something good happens or we have something to say we know who to get in touch with

The House project is a warm and welcoming environment. I enjoyed going to the group sessions and looked forward to them

 I wouldn't change anything about it. I love the people that I'm
working with. It's just a positive energy being with everyone