Helping young people leave care with dignity

Senses of Home is a new social enterprise created by care experienced young people to help other young people leave care with dignity.


Our Story

‘Senses of Home’ was created by 12 of us who are Care Experienced young people across Scotland and England. We are also representatives for the Care Leavers National Movement. 

We were supported by the ‘Madlug Innovation Academy’ to design, create and deliver our own social enterprise.

As Care Experienced young people we wanted to support other young people who move into their own homes. Part of our experience of moving was not always having bed linen or not having spare bed linen. Our Social Enterprise will use any profits to purchase bed linen for young care experienced people moving into their own homes.

During the process of creating the Social Enterprise we all agreed our roles. We have all enjoyed taking on responsibilities and challenges for each of these roles. We have roles from CEO to Communications and Business support to Sales Officers.

During a residential with the Madlug Innovation Academy we designed the branding and our mission statement whilst also getting to meet and ask questions of other Social Enterprises. 

We launched in 2022 having a special event at Hyde Market. The launch was a success and we hope for the Social Enterprise to go from strength to strength. We learnt so much from the Madlug Innovation Academy and will take everything we have learnt on our journey with Senses of Home. If you can support us please do.

Senses of Home would not exist without the fantastic support and mentorship from Madlug. We at Senses of Home have the same values as Madlug and followed their approach, they are a valued partner and friend. Please do check them out and hear their story

Our Journey

Launch Day

Our Products

What do I do?
Coaster (single)

£5.00 GBP

What do I do?

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What do I do?
Travel Mug

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What do I do?
Torch Keyring

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