The CLNM Chairs Blog: Round 4

The CLNM Chairs Blog: Round 4

Posted 2nd August 2023

This month, the National Reps met at Backdane, though the rain was non-stop, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits as we planned the CLNM conference. Working together, we designated both speaking and non-speaking roles for the day, as well as writing out the invite for all our guests and speakers. Though most importantly, we decided of the food menu for our conference.

Earlier in the month, Jodie, and the vice chair Paris, attended the Trustee Board meeting where they gave the trustee an overview of the conference plans and sought feedback from them too. They discussed the importance of their recent peer evaluation interviews and the vital role that all young people play in developing their house projects based on the feedback they provide in these interviews and the feedback they provide to their CLNM reps on a regular basis.

NHP celebrated their 5th Birthday last month, we were there and celebrated with staff, young people and partners from across the UK- it was a fab event. Warwickshire House Project also had a 5th year celebration which was a huge success, Kiyia, Katie and Ricardo-current CLNM reps from Warwickshire House Project spoke at the event, they shared their memories of House Project and thanked all those that have enabled House Project to grow.

We have a busy few weeks ahead- analysing our peer interviews, getting fitted for fabulous suits with our good friends at Suited and Booted and contributing to the NHP board development day.

Signing off for now.

Jodie and Sean X

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