The CLNM Chairs Blog: Round 3

 The CLNM Chairs Blog: Round 3

Posted 4th July 2023

This month’s blog marks the end of the CLNM peer evaluation interviews. Young people from CLNM have worked hard, travelling the length and breadth of the UK to get feedback from projects. We were able to hear from lots of different views from different young people. The Peer Evaluation captures all the views expressed, and allows CLNM to really understand how House Projects can improve. Over 30 interviews have been conducted, and over 100 surveys have been completed. The survey form is still open – please fill it in if you’re a part of a House Project, and share it. The House Projects with the most responses (in terms of actual number and percentage of young people) get a prize!

All of this data will be analysed at a CLNM residential in August and will be ready to share at the CLNM Conference on 19th October.
We put the outline of the conference together at Residential in the middle of June when we met together at Crowden. It was an opportunity to celebrate the progress of the peer interviews, a chance to get to know each other, and we couldn’t resist a massive waterfight in the heat. On the first evening, we did a raft building challenge. Sean’s team won the raft building (an important piece of news). Other activities included archery, abseiling, and crate stacking. Byron conquered his fear of heights and did brilliantly in his crate stacking challenge. It was a special time of relationship building as 25 young people from across the UK, from London to Fife, gathered in one place – no small achievement (especially with missed trains and accidental lie-ins)!

One of the main aims of gathering was to plan the conference. The planning was insightful and has given CLNM direction for the next few months. Overall, it was great to see every CLNM member achieving new things and breaking down barriers.

Whilst writing this blog, our good friend and CLNM Alumni, Dan, has arrived. Dan talked with us about his involvement in the 2021 Peer Evaluation Interviews and how impactful it was for him, learning from other House Projects and seeing how other young people are growing and learning in their House Project communities. It was great to hear from an Alumni. We love staying connected with them, seeing friends and keeping that sense of belonging.

We love to end with sharing successes, and we have lots. For Sean (me), one success was appearing on STV News alongside other people from my House Project to tell them about Fife House Project. Other successes include new reps making meaningful contributions at residential, as well as many reps finishing their exams. Well done to everyone!

Signing off for now,

Jodie and Sean X

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